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4 Ways to Prevent Auto Theft

Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 10:10AM

4 Ways to Prevent Auto Theft

Lock Your Car and Never Leave It Running

First and foremost – and perhaps the most easily overlooked prevention strategy – is to simply not leave your car running, and make sure your doors are locked whenever you leave your car unattended! In certain climates, it may be tempting to leave the car running to keep the interior hot or cold, especially if your key fob has an automatic start button, but this makes your car a quick and easy prey for thieves. Hot-wiring is more difficult nowadays due to technological advancements in car keys but it is still not impossible.

Do Not Leave a Spare Key Nearby or Valuables Inside Your Car

Leaving a spare key hidden near your car is an old, but outdated, method of saving yourself the hassle of getting locked out. In the very rare event that you do lock yourself out and would like the convenience of a spare near the vehicle, consider the vastly greater troubles you would be faced with if someone were to use that key to steal your car. Furthermore, never leave any valuables in plain sight within your vehicle. Things like purses, backpacks, or cell phones attract thieves to break in because of the promise of valuables other than the car itself.

Park Smart

When parking in public areas, be sure to use your environment to your advantage. Park in well-lit areas that are out in the open and visible to passers-by to optimize your chances of eyes always being on your car to deter theft. Burglars are less likely to attempt auto theft if they know they can be easily seen. Also, if you are aware of nearby security cameras, try to park in their line of sight. If you are going into a building, park near windows to ensure that you can keep eyes on your vehicle even when inside.

Utilize Additional Security Measures

Fortunately, there are plenty of security systems and devices available to car owners to help both deter thieves and recover your car in the event of a theft. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends installing an audible alarm system if your vehicle does not come already equipped with one. Additionally, you can use a visible anti-theft device – such as a steering wheel lock – that would not only prevent someone from driving off with your car even if they are to get it started, it also prevents attempted burglary altogether because thieves are more likely to leave a car alone that they don’t expect to get away with easily and quickly.

One of the best ways to acquire peace of mind regarding your vehicle’s safety is to have insurance in place whenever an event such as auto theft occurs. The team at Sturdevant-Beach & Associates is here to assist you with any concerns about your vehicle and we will offer you the perfect policy to ensure that you’re covered. Simply contact us today to learn more or receive a quote.

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