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How to Help Injured Employees Get Back to Work

Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 3:08PM

How to Help Injured Employees Get Back to Work

It’s an unfortunate reality of today’s business world. Despite safety programs and ongoing education, it’s likely that team members at workplaces across the country will get injured on the job at some time. In fact, more than 12,000 workers are injured each day, according to 2018 research from the National Safety Council.

Thankfully, there are ways to both prevent injuries and also assist employees who have been off the work site seamlessly transition back into their old roles. Here’s how to get started:

Highlight Back to Work Programs

Returning to work after an injury is a shared goal. Your business benefits from a reduced overall claim cost. In addition, how the company handles the claim will determine the experience and impression employees get.

Meanwhile, most workers are focused on quickly returning to work. Not only will they be able to earn full compensation, but simply the pride of performing professional duties again is often a driving force for employees.

To achieve both goals, it’s important to create a back to work program. In addition to reducing the potential for fraudulent claims, your business can save money on the costs associated with training and replacing new employees. Plus, by easing injured workers back into their previous routines, you can help promote a sound emotional, mental, and physical rehabilitation for all employees.

Schedule Post-Injury Management Training

An extension of back to work programs, ongoing post-injury management training is integral to keeping your business running smoothly. Here’s where select team members will learn the basics of how best to respond to workplace injuries.

That includes an immediate, caring, and non-accusatory response to every incident. Having an established relationship with trusted and reputable medical care professionals and organizations will also greatly aid help with this response.

Next, assist other team members in understanding and embracing their additional duties while the injured worker is out of the office. It’s also wise to have a dedicated case manager who can coordinate updates pertaining to the claim, measure process performance as it matches to set goals, build and maintain employee morale, and more.

Revise and Refine Injury Management Strategies

This is also the time when you must take a realistic look at both the immediate and long-term future. For instance, will the injured employee be able to return to work, and how will that transitional process go? Will there be any required environmental adjustments to the injured employee’s workplace? If so, how might this affect the productivity of surrounding co-workers?

During this time, it’s also integral to communicate often and thoroughly, remain flexible and realistic, and provide helpful resources.

As you’re focused on assisting with the health and prosperity of your company, it can be difficult to find the time to adequately focus on other tasks. That’s when it’s best to reach out to an insurance firm well-versed with risk management and other essential coverage concentrations.

Setting Your Business Up for Long-Term Success

As mentioned, assisting employees in getting back to work after an on-site injury is beneficial to all parties involved. For the injured team member, returning to work improves mental and emotional health, reduces depression and anxiety, aids in physical recovery, improves long-term outlook, and helps strengthen professional relationships.

For your business, this plan reduces turnover and the need for costly and time-consuming training, improves productivity, and keeps costs in check.

In addition, other important considerations are available to help your company achieve optimal results. Since 2002, we’ve helped business leaders such as yourself with a variety of insurance needs, including risk management, business and commercial insurance, construction insurance, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business excel.

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