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Understanding Basic Auto Insurance Requirements

Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 12:25PM

Understanding Basic Auto Insurance Requirements

You may already be aware that, in most states, securing and maintaining automobile insurance is a requirement. At the same time, many people don’t give much thought to exactly how this safeguard can protect property and family.

When you work with a trusted and reputable insurance company, you can get valuable insight an information that will help you make the very best coverage decisions for you and your loved ones. In fact, policies can often be tailored to your exact needs and preferences. Read on to discover basic auto insurance requirements.

Know the Minimum Coverage

While various factors determine what kind of coverage options you’ll be eligible for, there are certain provisions you should be aware of. For instance, in most states you’ll be required to meet basic coverage requirements for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage.

It’s important to note that not all regions demand you must carry additional uninsured/underinsured collision and comprehensive coverage. However, doing so may be a good idea depending on your specific needs. Speak with a qualified insurance agent to discover all of the options available to you.

Know the Law

Some people like to “buck the system” or otherwise see how far they can push the legal envelope. Doing so is never a good idea, and only leads to trouble down the line. For example, if law enforcement requests proof of automobile insurance and you’re unable to furnish documents (for whatever reason), you could be subject fines, suspension of driving privileges, and even jail time.

Drivers involved in auto crashes without proof of insurance might be held liable for costs associated with the other motorists’ bodily injury and property damage claims. In some states, you’ll be barred from driving until those fees are fully paid.

Understand Insurance Premiums

Many people find insurance premiums confusing. Some avoid discussing or becoming involved in any type of insurance information altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, there are methods by which you can make sense of the best coverage options for your specific needs. That process begins by teaming with a friendly and knowledgeable insurance agent.

In terms of automobile insurance, several factors will affect your details. That includes your vehicle type, prior coverage, driving history, demographic information (age, gender, geographic location), how you use the automobile, and more.

Get Expert Assistance

Contrary to popular belief, not all insurance agencies are created equal. You want and deserve to work with the very best company available — one that has a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

For more than 17 years, we’ve assisted countless residents just like you with a variety of insurance solutions. In addition to automobile insurance, that also includes homeowners, business and commercial, construction, flood insurance, tree care, and risk management. Contact us today to begin or renew your auto insurance policy.

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